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Our Process

Some one-size-fits-all fitness approaches may seem realistic and doable… until you’re hopping the globe from hotel to hotel, hosting dinners for your next round of critical funding, or pulling all-nighters to launch your next startup.

Your life is hectic, your needs are unique, and your nutrition and fitness require an investment in a very personal approach – that’s where Burch Fitness comes in. We don’t offer packages or simple, one-size-fits-all approaches, ever. Devin Burch works one-on-one with executives, entrepreneurs, and career-focused individuals to tailor a nutrition and fitness plan that will fit within the demands of your busy life. In addition, Devin’s regular follow-up and accountability check-ins ensure that a healthy lifestyle is within reach, no matter what.

About Devin

Devin is an ACE certified personal trainer with more than a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry. He is a teacher by trade, but after six years, decided to pursue his passion of coaching people in leading a healthier lifestyle. Thus, Burch Fitness was born. Years of teaching allowed Devin to master the art of patience and personalized instruction, which are key components to helping his clients understand the reasons behind methods of proper exercise and nutrition. Devin’s approach to coaching is built on helping his clients form healthy, sustainable habits. His passion for health and fitness drives his desire to create versatile and effective plans that work for each client’s specific needs, including consideration for hectic schedules, travel, and personal preferences.

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